Daniel Phang

I grown up in a Christian family by the Grace of God. Throughout my journey in life as a child and teenager, I was facing many challenges, hardship, grief, distress, and hurt. When I was 12 years old, I was given a called to serve God and I was faithful since then when I was at age 18+ where I started to backslide. I became prideful, rebellion and disobedient to people around me. I was too emotional and could not able to overcome it. I was on & off skipping churches. However, God was merciful and gracious to me that He brought me back to where I belong in one of the night service and came a word from God through Pastor that God has placed me here for a reason & purpose. I was touched and repented on that very night. After 4 years later, I again started to backslide because I was too busy working and want to achieve something for my own personal gain and making my hobby as my priorities. I made a wrong choice and along the way I stumbled and faced several bad experienced with one of the incident that almost took my life away when I got robbed. However, I came to realization that my heart was not right and ponder what could happen to me if I die and did not repent from my sin? At that same year, during a bible conference, I repented of my sin at the altar and made a right choice that I will serve God till the very last breath of mine. My Pastor was gracious enough to give me a chance to serve in the Church again. Till today, I'm still serving in Church and God has been good to me. I know that my God is gracious and full of mercy all the days of my life. All thanks and praise and glory be to God.