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This is The Victory Fellowship Church, it is the goal of this website to help you understand more about Christianity and the power of Jesus Christ. You may also find updates and photos from past and future events by The Victory Fellowship.

The Church

  • Pastor Tan

    1990 - 1997 : Kajang
    1997 - Present : Setapak

  • Weekly Church Service

    Mid-week Wednesday Service : 8.00 pm
    Friday Prayer Meeting : 8.00 pm
    Sunday Bible Study : 10.00 am
    Sunday Services : 11.00 am & 7.30 pm


Christmass Party 2018

Call your friends! Call your family! and join us as we celebrate this wonderful time of the year, Commemorate 2018 together with Music, Food and Preaching! Click here for more information.



Daniel Phang

I grown up in a Christian family by the Grace of God. Throughout my journey in life as a child and teenager, I was facing many challenges, hardship, grief, distress, and hurt. When I was 12 years old, I was given a called to serve God and I was faithful since then when I was at age 18+ where I started to backslide. I became prideful, rebellion and disobedient to people around me. I was too emotional and could not able to overcome it. I was on & off skipping churches. However, God was merciful and gracious to me that He brought me back to where I belong in one of the night service and came a word from God through Pastor that God has placed me here for a reason & purpose. I was touched and repented on that very night. 4 years later... (continue reading)